Registration of a Power of Attorney

  • Any person can register a Power of Attorney to assign permission to another person residing in Sri Lanka to act on behalf of the applicant as an agent(legal).
  • All documents should be submitted to the Head office or Zonal office.
    • Zonal office - Zonal office will register if the receiver resides within the domain of the Zonal office.
    • Head office - Head office will register even the receiver resides in anywhere of the country.
  • The document should be submitted by making personally or by a Notary Public including correct information. Better to get advice from a Notary Public.
  • Documents to be submitted,
    • Power of Attorney
    • Certified copy from the Power of Attorney
    • Affidafit certified by a Justice of peace
  • Fees chargeable are as follows.  ......
Description Price (Rs.)
Registration of a Power of Attorney 1500.00
Inspect Records relating to Power of Attorney 500.00
Obtain a certified copy of the Power of Attorney 500.00
Issue a certified extract of a folio 500.00


Cancellation of a Power of Attorney

  • Applicant has to make the request to the office where the Power of Attorney is registered.
  • Documents to be submitted
    • Original of the Power of Attorney
    • Affidavit supplied by the applicant
    • Copy of the advertisement published in the government gazette in Sinhala, Tamil and English languages.
  • Fee for cancellation of a registered Power of Attorney is Rs. 1500.00