Oneday Service

The Registrar General’s Department has launched a “One Day” service of registering movable and immovable property along issuing of a national Birth Certificate prepared according to international standards were commenced on 16th of March 2019.

Registrar General Department has introduced this new system to commemorate 155 years of its continuous service provided to citizens of this country, which established in 1864.

The citizens can obtain this One Day service from any Registration office spread across the island. At present the fee levied for the normal registration of any land is100 rupees. Department introduced this new service specially to address the investors/business community need who required faster service.

Besides, the new service provides at 1000 rupees encouraging even ordinary citizens to access the “One Day” service. The Department at present generates 2000 million rupees revenue to theGovernment. Introducing these new services department expects to deliver more service to citizen by becoming a Customer-Centric institution that will support to generate more revenue to the Government while supporting to thrive country’s development initiatives























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