Registrar General’s Department is responsible for the registration of birth, deaths and marriage. The entry records are maintained manually and are not readily accessible to other government agencies, thus resulting in a duplication of effort, time and costs. e-population is introduced to achieve objectives of issuing a unique personal identification Number (PIN) at birth for all citizens, building a consolidated set of basic information of every citizen of Sri Lanka, creating an efficient and reliable life events registration system, increasing the information sharing with government institutions using the population Register, providing more extensive analytical capability in relation to demographics and health statistics and increasing in coverage of recording life events. While e- population system fulfilling these objectives it gives the benefits to ensure accuracy of data from parent’s confirmation, perform searching and issuance of certificate copies from any Divisional Secretary Office, reduced need of translations, usable even in foreign countries, maintain current information of citizens, share information of citizens between the institutions.


Registrar General's Department

Denzil Kobbekaduwa Mawatha,
Sri Lanka.

+94 112 889 488 - 489