Issuing certified copies of Birth, Death and Marriage entries to the public is one of the main function of registrar General’s Department and   these copies are issued upon the request of public. However  the manual searching is hard when the essential particulars are not know by the applicant such as exact Number, Date or even the period of the event under goes. To avoid this time consuming searches the e-BMD project is introduced. Main objectives of this program is maintain database, issuing of certificate through the system and sharing information of registered birth, death and marriages with other government agencies. Other than that the program benefited to develop an information database, conduct speedy searches, speedy issue of certified copies and decentralize issuing certified copies by installing database in Divisional Level offices.


Registrar General's Department

Denzil Kobbekaduwa Mawatha,
Sri Lanka.

+94 112 889 488 - 489